Colon Recipes – Your Colon Will Sing Your Praises

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This is not your average recipe book. It is not any sort of recipe passed down by grandma from generation to generation. These are colon recipes meant to cleanse your intestines of rubbish, thereby ridding your body of parasites. We all have parasites. However, if you have a city of parasites, so to speak, your health is in danger.

Why do we need to clean our colons?

Have you ever had a clogged sink and either you or the plumber was awarded the fun task of removing the pipes? What do you find? You find an accumulation of debris and grime stemming from years of junk that piled in the sink. Let us be honest. We eat healthy food and we eat junk. Both accumulate in our intestines and parasites happily colonize and feed. Therefore, periodically, we need to cleanse our colons with colon detox products that will gradually rid ourselves of these harmful parasites. If you are sluggish or just don’t feel well, it may be because of a sluggish colon due to lack of cleansing.

Raw Spinach Colon Cleansing Vegetable Recipe

2 cups of spinach
1 Carrot
Half a lemon

Shred the spinach as if you were making a tossed salad. Either chop or grate the carrot over the spinach (makes it look more appetizing). Squeeze half a lemon over the mixture. The lemon replaces salad dressing. This recipe is not a gourmet meal, but it is not nausea-inducing either. The mixture will serve as a broom and will sweep debris onwards and downwards as it travels through your colon. In addition, this salad will give you a boost of the hottest nutrients such as Vitamins A, Beta Carotene, B-6, K and E and Iron.

Simple Fruit Colon Recipe

1 banana, cinnamon

Take one banana and mash it up in a small bowl. Add a pinch of cinnamon and enjoy. Bananas help to normalize the colon and are packed with potassium. Anytime you feel hungry you can eat a banana and know that it is beneficial to your colon. Nutrients nestled in bananas besides potassium include Zinc, B2, Folate and Iron.

These simple fruit recipes will go a long way in helping you to increase your colon health. Vegetable and fruit colon recipes are the keys to vitality and beauty. Did you know eating fruits and bananas do wonders for your complexion? Enjoy your new colon health.