Common Questions About a Raw Vegetable Diet

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Natural, organic, and raw foods are great for our bodies. If you are thinking about embarking on a raw vegetable diet, here are some questions that you might be asking yourself.

Will a raw vegetable diet make me lose weight? Absolutely. Most people actually experience rapid weight loss within the first month of switching to a raw vegetable diet. However, it is not recommended that you jump right into this diet. Your body has to adjust to your new way of eating, so it is advised that you take it slow at first.

Besides weight loss, what other benefits might I experience? One of the best things about eating raw vegetables is that you will see an overall health boost. One way that this happens is through your digestive track. Raw foods contain an enzyme that is necessary for our digestive system to run properly. When we cook food we kill this enzyme. Without digestive system working properly, we will experience a boost in energy, we will require less sleep, and we will become more alert.

Will vegetables be enough? Wont I get Hungry? When you first start your raw vegetable diet you will be likely to experience hunger. This is because our bodies our used to a large amount of fat, protein and calories to be satisfied. The good news is, is that your body doesn’t need all of that food. You may experience hunger at first, but eventually your body will come back down to its normal, natural needs, and you will be able to sate your hunger with vegetables.

Is it hard to prepare raw vegetables? Actually, it couldn’t be easier. You might want to start with complex raw vegetable recipes, but eventually you will begin to appreciate thee vegetable in its full form. You will replace prepared meals with simply eating a whole cucumber. There can be almost no cooking or preparing involved. This also makes cleaning much easier. No more greasy pans, or burnt residue. All you need to do is rinse your plate and your done.

Can I still eat out? Absolutely. You just might have to do some research ahead of time. Look over a menu and see what they have to offer. If they don’t have any raw dishes, see if the cook will use some of their fresh ingredients to create something just for you.