Getting the Most Out of Your Vegetables Through Juicing – With Champion Juicer

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We live in a world of constant fast food, highly processed with lots of harmful chemical additives to give it a long shelf life. The standard diet of today is void of nutrients and enzymes necessary for the health of our bodies. To consume fresh fruits and vegetables daily for good health is a commonly known fact. It is easy to consume the recommended portions of daily fruits but to eat certain types of vegetables we don’t particularly enjoy can be an uphill battle.

The best way to benefit from the intake of our daily vegetables is to consume it raw. Cooking destroys the beneficial enzymes and vitamins in the vegetables. Chewing your raw vegetables is not the best activity of the day either. Furthermore, your body can only absorb probably less than 5% of the nutrients in your vegetable as the nutrients are locked within the fiber.

Therefore, juicing your vegetables presents itself to be a good and convenient way to consume the recommended daily 5 to 9 portions of vegetables in their raw forms. By adding the type of nutritious vegetables which may not suit your taste into the vegetable recipe combining with other nice vegetables such as carrots, it makes a delicious juice. Fresh raw vegetables juice delivers nourishment enzymes to the cellular level of your body in a matter of minutes.

To get the most out of your vegetables juicing, you need the help of a good juicer. A good juicer that extracts most types of vegetables is what you are after. That would eliminate all centrifugal juicer from your list as centrifugal juicer could not extract leafy vegetables. A masticating juicer like Champion Juicer will meet this requirement perfectly. The Champion Juicer is reasonably priced and it is a good entry point if you are new to juicing. Champion Juicer gives you the vegetable juices which are packed with nutrients, vitamins, enzymes and trace minerals that your body craves.

The mineral elements and distilled water from the vegetables are separated easily from the fiber by the Champion Juicer hence providing you a raw vegetable juice that bypasses the digestive process. The nutrients are absorbed almost immediately into your body. Note that if you consume the vegetable juice with its fiber still present, your digestive system needs to work at digesting the fiber and it will slow the process of absorption down. In the end, the digestive process may destroy a number of beneficial nutrients in the vegetable juice.