How to Make Vegetables Your New Best Friend

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Who hasn’t tried throwing his veggies for the family’s pet to eat. We’ve heard it all those years, yet probably vowed never to touch those cursed vegetables and fruits ever again when we’re old enough to drive. However, as we all know, the awareness about being healthy is spreading around the nation and it’s time for us to get on the health wagon. Doctors say for starters we should eat 5-10 servings of vegetables per day. You must be screaming by now, asking yourself how on earth could get yourself to eat ten servings a day.

Let’s start with the basics, how many people know what a serving is? A simple test for servings, is try to hold it; whatever fits in your palm naturally is a serving. Eating those ten servings might be as not as hard as you think after all.

The problem with vegetables is the way people make use of them. Most people overcook vegetables until they’re all slimy and mushy, which is a definite turn-off compared to that juicy steak you could be having. When cooking your vegetables, don’t over do it, let them cook till they’re not as raw, but still have a bit of hardness and freshness in them.

Having a stock of cut vegetables in your fridge is one of the best things you can do. You won’t have to chop vegetables every time you want to prepare a dish. You can make your favorite dishes with hardly any effort and minimum time. Not to mention they make perfect snacks of work, especially if you keep salt in the locked drawer at your office.

Soups are also an amazing way to achieve that 10 servings a day quota. You can always make yourself a vegetable soup; you can make a large quantity and just re-heat whenever you feel like it.

Another option would be a salad. Salads are perfect if you want to work on a proposal and finish up something for work in the evening. They don’t leave you all sluggish and full that all you’d want to do is doze off on the couch, and you can always add your own favorites to salads. Some people love to put shrimps, tuna, or chicken in their salads, which is perfectly fine as long as you make sure you grill the chicken. As for the dressing, don’t fall into the trap of buying those dressings, they are loaded with fat and calories, and if you check the ingredients, you’ll find they have cheese, oil, and sometimes even mayonnaise. That’s like pouring oil on your new pants, try to make your salad as healthy as possible, you can always use natural lemon and vinegar as a dressing.

You need to make sure that you are getting as many fresh fruits and veggies as possible. When they are raw, they are the best for your body. Some times during the canning or freezing process, they might cook them slightly. Eat a can of raw green beans straight from the can. Compare that to a raw green bean, you will see what I mean.

Moving on to fruits, they make perfect companions to your breakfast options. You can put them with cereals, drink them with your morning toast, or even make yourself a fruit salad.

Vegetables and fruits aren’t as bad as you think they are. Think of Chinese food, it employs vegetables and fruits in the most delicious manner ever. You can always search the internet for yummy vegetable recipes. Just remember that vegetables and fruits will make all the difference in improving the quality of your diet.