Infuse Good Health In Your Children By Feeding Them Green Vegetables

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Feeding green leafy vegetables to your children is one of the most difficult task to do. They make funny faces and eat selected portions of the dish leaving behind all the green vegetables and nutritious items. However, as a parent you must ensure that your kids are taking enough vegetables.

You can make innovative salads, sandwiches, cold soups, wraps to feed your kids with vegetables. Kids specially like the food when you include some tanginess to it. I have seen many kids who likes to eat potato salad, chicken salad, cold pea soup etc. They like the innovation which is done to the food.

Also when you are serving food to your kids, work really hard on the presentation. Kids like the colorful as well as items which are in different shape. If your cupboard is not filled with grandmother recipes then take the help of Google. I have recently searched for a keyword called Potato salad recipe and I got plenty of results in just some seconds.

So many variants are available online for this humble recipe. I have really liked three of them and made it at home. One can also innovate the recipes by some experiments in kitchen. Like, to make potato salad more nutritious, you can add some cilantro in the last. Some of the food items with which you can feed your kids with green vegetables are-

  • Burgers (stuff fresh leafy vegetables with dressings)
  • Salad recipes (chop the vegetables nicely so that your kids do not see them)
  • Sandwiches (have a layering of fresh vegetables such as cabbage, tomato etc.)
  • Soups (make a puree of all the vegetables which your kids don’t eat and feed them a soup)
  • Wraps (they can’t see what’s in the wrap, make the stuffing of all the fresh vegetables)

There are so many dishes with which you can also innovate with fruits. Custards, food tarts, fruit salads with strawberry dressing are some of the easy ways to feed you kids with fruits as well. Some of the dishes with which you can serve your kids with fruits are-

  • Smoothies (blend all the fruits your kids doesn’t like in the blender and you are good to go)
  • Frozen bars (squeeze the juice of the fruits, add some sugar and put them in the freezer)
  • Milk shakes (kids drink most of the shakes without inquiring what’s in it, so take full advantage of this)

These are just some of the innovative ideas to feed your kids with veggies and fruits, if you also have some other fun ideas do comment below please.