Tasty Vegetable Chili Panner Gravy In NYC

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Vegetarian Chili Paneer is a different but tasty paneer dish. This dish certainly does not require a lot of ingredients. Surely all paneer lovers will love the unusual taste of paneer. To prepare koftas, spread ¾ tbsp curd on each slice of bread to wet it. After spreading curd on both sides of bread, keep aside for a minute. Mash the paneer well. Add baking powder, green chillies and coriander. Mash the bread slices well and mix with the paneer. Add salt, pepper & red chilli powder to taste. Add maida in the end. Mix well.

Make balls and stuff a piece of cashew in the centre. Deep fry 4 to5 pieces at a time, in medium hot oil and keep aside. To prepare the gravy, wash palak leaves and chop roughly. Put leaves with a green chilli and ginger in a pan and cook covered for 3-4 minutes after it boils. Remove from fire. Cool. After the spinach cools, blend to a paste and keep aside. Grind onions, tomatoes and 2 laungh (cloves) to a paste.

Heat 4 tbsp oil. Add the onion tomato paste and cook stirring till dry. Add masalas – dhania powder, red chili powder, amchoor and salt to taste. Saute further for 1-2 minutes on low flame, till oil separates. Add the ground spinach and sauté for 2-3 minutes. Add ½ cup water to make a thin gravy and sauté for another 5 to 7 minutes.

Chili Paneer vegetable Recipes selected by the collective tastebuds of the masses from Group Recipes. At serving time, heat the spinach gravy and add the kofta. Slir gently on low flame for 1-2 minutes till the koftas are heated through. Remove from fire and transfer to a serving dish. For tempering, heat 1 tbsp ghee and add the ginger. When it turns brownish, shut off the flame. Add green chilies. Add red chili powder and immediately pour the oil on the koltas in the serving dish. Mix and serve.

Vegetarian Chili Panner Gravy [http://indomunch.com/Vegetarian.html] is spicy recipe. Learn how to make/prepare Chili Paneer by following this easy recipe. These kofta’s are extremely delicious and is very common in my household. The lightly deep fried spinach with stuffed paneer brings out the individual taste. When cut into half and served, it gives a moonlit night feel to the kofta. The makhani gravy has a slight touch of sweetness, which enhances the taste of the makhani gravy. Enjoy this dish with hot phulka’s or a bread of choice. Please purchase online [http://www.indomunch.com] in NewYork city.