The Best Juicers Encourage the Consumption of More Fruits and Vegetables

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Many people hate to eat vegetables. With all the research that has been done on the benefits of consuming more fresh fruits and vegetable, it is apparent that we all would benefit from incorporating more fresh produce into our diets. Often people just avoid either one or both of these food groups simply because they don’t like them. While the sweetness of fruits make them more appealing to some people, vegetables often go untouched. Many vitamins, minerals, and beneficial plant nutrients are missing in the diet if this is the course of action. If those with reduced fruit and/or vegetable intake planned ahead rather than waiting for deficiencies and health problems to result, creative solutions could be implemented easily.

A major solution to consuming more fruits and vegetables, especially for those with an aversion to fresh fruits and vegetables, is to do it the easy way – – by juicing them! Adding a juiced apple to almost any juiced vegetable improves the taste. Juicing carrots and an apple together is an excellent choice for the beginner. They both juice well in a good centrifugal or masticating juicer and the juice tastes great. Using this simple plan can help encourage more fruit and vegetable consumption with little effort.

When choosing a juicer, the first thing to be determined is what produce will be juiced most often. If you are new to juicing, most beginners usually start with citrus juicers if only citrus fruits will be juiced and centrifugal juicers for juicing a variety of produce. Both juicer types are easy to use and clean. If you are serious about juicing, a good quality juicer is of the utmost importance. A quality juicer will give years of healthy enjoyment and provide smooth, great tasting, nutritious juice. If a poor quality juicer is chosen, the juicer is likely to not have the life expectancy you desire.

The more juicing that will be done, the more important it is to have the best juicer for what you will be juicing. If wheatgrass juice is wanted, it is usually best to go with a wheatgrass juicer designed specifically for juicing only wheatgrass. If you want to juice leafy greens and dense fruits and vegetables, a masticating juicer like the Champion Juicer is an excellent choice due to its high quality and versatility. If you choose high quality and the right type juicer for what you will be juicing and experiment with fruit and vegetable recipes, you should be encouraged to consume more fresh fruits and vegetables easily and deliciously.

In conclusion, even fruit and vegetable haters can consume more fresh fruits and vegetables and enjoy it:
– Choose a juicer or juicers that is or are suited for the type of produce to be juiced.
– Choose a juicer or juicers of high quality for long term use.
– Experiment with juice recipes to determine what tastes bests so the benefits from juicing will continue.